Hummingbirds are the over-achievers of the bird kingdom.  They flap their wings up to 200 times a second, fly at speeds up to 35 miles an hour, and use oxygen at 10X the rate of elite human athletes.  But they’re most fascinating without the math.  Just watch them when they’re after nectar -- hovering, dipping and drinking from hundreds of flowers a day.

It's what we aspire to do when consumers invite us into their lives.  In a short time, we get to understand them deeply, one after another.  Then we take what we've learned and develop deeply resonant ideas for our clients’ brands.  

We love people and we love finding out what they care about, what drives them, what gives them ecstatic joy and quiet contentment.  And when we get to know them in the context of their own lives, we uncover potential links between their passions and our brand clients’ offerings, links that are otherwise hidden from view. 

From a project for the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

From a cross-generational cosmetics study